Benefits of Facebook Advertising For Your Business

Facebook is a great alternative to search engine based advertising for many reasons. Although search engine traffic is accepted as being better, Facebook does have some major advantages.Facebook advertising is much cheaper. Due to less advertising competition, you can run a campaign for a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords. In this sense it is ideal for people just starting out online, and small business owners who cannot afford to run an AdWords campaign.Facebook advertising is incredibly highly targeted. It has information on the account holders age, location, education, employment, marital status, interests, and many other valuable pieces of data. Using this enables you to create highly targeted and personal ads, as well as display ads to people in your key demographic. Google AdSense displays your ads to everyone regardless of this.Another big plus is that Facebook allows you to include your own images in your adverts. Images can be very powerful in advertising, for example you can actually show images of your products. This is great for drawing people’s attention to your ads, and will result in more clicks.You can also place up to 135 characters in a Facebook ad, which is nearly twice as much as Google. This enable you to put together a much more descriptive advert, and increase your chances of convincing the user to click on your ad.These factors mean that creating an ad campaign with Facebook can be incredibly powerful for your business. If you have enough funds, then it is nearly always advisable to run Facebook and Google campaigns side by side, but for those on a budget, and those looking for other ways to increase their sales, Facebook advertising is a must try system. Now is a great time to get on board as it will no doubt become very popular over the next few years, and as a result, more expensive.